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New paper from Anja's and Christoph's group: Glyphosate impairs collective thermoregulation in bumblebees

2. Juni 2022

Glyphosate is one of the most widely used herbicides globally, with broad usage in both home and agricultural settings. Debate is ongoing with regard to whether this chemical threatens vertebrates, including humans. However, the nontarget organisms with the greatest exposure are insects, a group that is both essential and seemingly in decline. Weidenmüller et al. looked at the impacts of glyphosate on bumblebees, essential pollinators, and found that whereas environmentally realistic exposure levels were not directly lethal, they did result in a decrease in the ability of colony members to maintain required hive temperatures. Such nonlethal effects can have pernicious effects that lead to indirect decline in this already challenged group.

Weidenmüller et al. (2022) Glyphosate impairs collective thermoregulation in bumblebees. Science, 376(6597), 1122-1126.

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