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Talks by Sandra Fendl and Jonatan Malis (MPI-N Munich)

7. Mai 2021

Sandra and Jonatan from the Borst lab visited us and gave two wonderful talks about the cellular and molecular mechanisms of Drosophila sensory processing.


New paper from Einat’s group: Social modulation of individual preferences in cockroaches

21. Januar 2021

What is the reason for behaving differently in public? Working on this question in gregarious cockroaches that use communal housing (shelters), they have discovered that the reason relates to interactions between food- and social- sensitive neurons.


Talk by Nikolai Hörmann (MPI-N Munich)

30. Oktober 2020

Niko talked about his PhD work that he did in the lab of Alexander Borst: "A combinatorial code of transcription factors specifies subtypes of visual motion-sensing neurons in Drosophila". He agreed to come back in February to help us set up RNA-sequencing-related techniques.


Presentation by Katja Slangewal (MPI-N Munich)

9. Oktober 2020

Katja Slangewal from the Max Planck Institute of Neurobiology (Martinsried) presents her Master thesis work on "How fish see friends: characterizing social motion tuned neurons over development". Exciting results und very well delivered!


Max Capelle (TU Delft) presents his Master thesis

2. Oktober 2020

Max Capelle, visiting us from the lab of Daan Brinks at TU Delft, presents his Master thesis "VISION: Voltage Imaging-based Spatial-feature Identification for Optimisation of Neurosimulations".


Simone and Alina present their Master thesis

11. September 2020

Simone Rencken and Alina Batzilla, visiting from the EMBL in Heidelberg, are here to present their works on genomic sequencing and nervous system development.


Joe Donovan visiting for early-stage microscope planning

7. September 2020

Joe, visiting from the MPI-N Munich. Next time, he'll give a talk!


Talk by Florian Engert

3. September 2020

Florian Engert (Harvard University) presented his work on the neural basis of emotional states in zebrafish.


Armin & Katrin join the Department

1. September 2020

We welcome Armin and Katrin to our Department.


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