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Florian Kämpf

Master Student

Fish do a lot of cool things ranging from complex social behavior to basic mechanisms like the Optomotor response. I'm interested in all behaviors and think that our favorite aquatic buddies can help us answer all the important questions surrounding behavior.

Right now I'm looking into the optomotor response of the larval zebrafish which represents a basic integrational task. I’m trying to resolve the function of the responsible neuronal clusters for these tasks through a combination of neuron ablation, 2 photon microscopy, and an optical stimulus prompting integration in the zebrafish larvae.

When I'm not shooting death lasers at zebrafish brains like they're Alderaan I stage gladiator fights between individuals of the Lamprologine cichlids to resolve the influence of predation on the evolution of social fish behavior.

Outside of the lab, I'm a sucker for pen and paper games, meme culture, and anything related to film.






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