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Kezban Özdemir

Erasmus Exchange Student

The brain has been one of the greatest enigmas throughout human history and the complexity of this organ has captivated me since my childhood years. The existence of many unanswered questions about the processes of the brain has increased my curiosity day by day. The possibility of uncovering these mysteries excites me immensely.
Zebrafish offer a fascinating way to investigate neural circuits and behaviors. By working with zebrafish, I will gain valuable insights into the fundamental mechanisms of decision-making and how these processes are encoded in the brain. I am eager to learn advanced techniques, engage in critical thinking, and collaborate with people who share my passion for understanding the brain. Through this internship, I hope to expand my knowledge and contribute to finding answers to the unanswered questions about the brain. Outside the lab, I enjoy spending time with my friends, reading books, and traveling the world.






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