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Neurobiology Seminar

ZEUSS course IDs: BIO-13030
Responsible course coordinator: Prof. Armin Bahl


Course description:

In this course, we present currently ongoing projects across our research groups in Konstanz working on questions related to neurobiology. Talks have conference-style quality and contain an easy-to-understand introduction to the general problem and research field, in-depth methodology, results, as well as conclusion sections. Occasionally, we have external invited guests presenting in this seminar series.

Talks should be 45 min + 15 min questions.

  • The event takes place on-site. In exceptional cases, upon request, we will open a zoom room: AG Bahl meeting room.

  • We meet every Thursday, 10:00 – 11:00 in M701.

For the winter semester 2022/23, we have the following presenters scheduled:

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