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Ben Hanson

DAAD RISE Exchange Student

I am interested in leveraging computational models to formulate precise hypotheses regarding neural processes. In my research, I design and conduct decision-making experiments using larval zebrafish within our lab's state-of-the-art behavioral setup. My aim is to understand how various visual features influence the organism's ability to extract relevant information from its environment.

The data collected from these experiments is then used to fit computational models, particularly drift-diffusion models. By analyzing the fitted parameters, I aim to uncover insights into the underlying neural circuitry these parameters represent.

Additionally, I focus on ensuring that the representation of visual information in these models closely aligns with biological reality. This involves extracting optical flow from the visual stimuli used in my experiments and identifying key regions of importance within the larval zebrafish's visual field.

Outside of work, I enjoy hiking, taking long walks by the beach, and reading science fiction and history.






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