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Fausto Piehler

Bachelor Student – Now: Master Student in Cognitive Psychology, University of Vienna

Making decisions is probably one of the hardest parts of being alive (for me at least). But what makes decision-making so hard, and what are the underlying principles of decision-making? Behavior experiments with zebrafish larvae are a great way to study the basic mechanisms of decision-making. Electrophysiological fictive motion setups give us the opportunity to study the behavior of paralyzed zebrafish. This leads to a maximum controllable environment of the zebrafish. In my Bachelor thesis, I am trying to recreate certain behavior experiments with paralyzed fish to make the method more viable, so that in the future new experiments can be performed using only paralyzed fish.

When I am not in the lab you can find me in different coffee shops around town, going out with friends, playing tennis or beach volleyball or bouldering.






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