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Max Capelle

PhD Student

The brain is one of the biggest mysteries in the universe. It is responsible for our intelligence, movements, behavior, ... and remarkably, we highly depend on it in our quest to understand the brain itself.

One fascinating topic in brain research is the question of decision making: what does it take before we make a choice? For this, we take in impressions from the environment, process them and draw conclusions. And not only we humans do this, other animals do this too.

Not at the least; the larval zebrafish. Although this tiny fish has a brain of about 1 cubic millimeter, it shows complex behavior including decision making and social interaction. Moreover, it transparent skull allows to measure brain activity directly.

In the Bahl Lab, we work together in an enthusiastic interdisciplinary team, where I can contribute by using my analytical physics background, while extending my experimental skills and learning to perform biological experiments.







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