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Moritz Fuchsloch

Master Student – Now: PhD Student Institute for Laser Tools, Uni Stuttgart

The brain is one of the most poorly understood biological phenomena, although it's the central part controlling our everyday life.
The interaction with our environment and our daily decisions form who we are and also how our future looks like.

Therefore it is essential to understand how the brain integrates information and makes decisions. That's exactly what we do in the Bahl Lab.

The best way to examine decision-making is by in vivo examining the brain of the larval zebrafish. Here we are able to directly see what the fish is thinking!

We, therefore, use a two-photon microscope, which we build from scratch. In my free time, you will find me playing volleyball or repairing stuff.

Since March 2024, I am doing my PhD thesis at the Institute for Laser Tools at the University of Stuttgart. I am excited about learning to combine physical models with cutting-edge machine learning algorithms, to support innovative approaches for the fabrication industry:






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