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Zihan Lyu

DAAD Rise Exchange Student

I am interested in comprehending sensory processing and motor control in vertebrates. I work closely with PhD students Katja and Ashrit on this project, as we try to unfold the intricate interplay of visual perception with neural responses using zebrafish.

To reveal how zebrafish behavior and neuronal activity are intertwined when visual stimuli vary, my project is designed to consist of two parts:
The first phase of my work involves developing interactive graphical user interfaces for displaying results from 2-photon microscope experiments that have been analyzed. It’s an excellent tool for researchers to visualize the most active neurons (the one with highest delta fluorescent intensity increase), comparing left and right tail movements correlation with neuron firing rate, or examining neural activity before and during behavioral bouts.

The second part of my project looks at computational neuroscience. In this context, I’m working on algorithms development meant to address different brain regions’ functional roles in zebrafish. This involves analyzing patterns of neural activity across various stimuli and behavioral states thereby deriving the computational principles underlying sensory processing and motor output in fish brain.

After leaving the laboratory, I enjoy inventing delicious dishes, reading on the balcony, and bouldering with my flatmates.





+1 (413) 437-6458


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